My name is Frans Duurland

Food innovation since 1980

Or more precisely, since 1979, the year that I chose for a bachelor study in food science at Wageningen University. In 1984 I received my masters degree for studies on the characteristics of casein gels, wheat endosperm and pyruvate dehydrogenase.  


In January 2005 I started FWDmove. With more than 29 years of working experience, strategy development, marketing, product development, program management and food science & technology are my main areas of expertise. I have worked for 4 years at Zeelandia and for 11 years at Unilever. In the past 14 years I worked as a consultant and interim manager in industries like chemicals, foods, construction, energy, water, pensions, insurances, care and HR-services. Often in turbulent times when the rules of the game changed, like liberalisation, the start of the euro, changing legislation or the end of crucial patents.

Solving challenges

I easily build bridges between disciplines. In a highly technological environment, but also in services industries. I feel comfortable in the role as facilitator. When I can help groups of people, teams, to solve complex challenges around markets, products and services I am on my best. The solution usually requires changes in organisation and the way people collaborate, i.e. ‘social innovation’. I help by facilitating the team process and dialogue, by unravelling the complexity, by stimulating creativity, by forcing the team to agree on result driven actions and by sharing my experience and knowledge.

Open innovation

These skills are most welcome in open innovation projects, of course. And in cases where misunderstandings arise and parties become irritated I can, as independent intermediate, investigate these and report my findings.