Can’t you let things go?

Are you finding it difficult to leave matters to others? Do you think they don’t understand what’s required? Or are you afraid they are not competent enough? Then there is a big chance that you have created a vicious circle for yourself. If the boss knows it all so well, let him do the job himself and we will wait for his orders. In this way, talent remains unused or is allocated elsewhere, to the board of a sports club for instance. Meanwhile you are terribly busy.

Entrepreneurs and managers owe their success for an important part to their sharp mind, but when they share their view by telling it, they walk into a pitfall. Instead, if you would like to see that your employees understand you and take initiative it is better start a dialogue, which requires the courage to take a more vulnerable position. A dialogue to develop insights together, so that everyone gives the same meaning to the same words and everyone feels co-owner of the ideas.

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