Many meetings?

Important subjects often move on in a range of meetings. But meetings consume a lot of working time. A meeting with an effective duration of one hour can cost some of the attendants a few hours, and even more. 

Reckon this: Making the appointment | Preparation | Physical displacement (traffic)) | Waiting for the late-comers | No-shows | Getting coffee | Small talk | Going through the agenda and re-discussing actions from the minutes | Discussion on unfulfilled actions | Early leavers (‘sorry, other meeting!’) | Return to the work place (traffic)

By the end of the meeting a new appointment is made, usually a couple of weeks later because the agendas are full. Thus, months can pass without making much progress, because everyone is so busy....with meetings.

FWDmove can give a push. A skilfully lead workshop of half a day or an entire day can replace a long range of shorter meetings. With creative means the group is brought to concrete solutions, decisions and actions. The initiator/leader/manager can fully focus on the content, take part in the discussions and doesn’t need to bother about the process. In this way precious time is saved and the project is finished much faster.

Try it and see if it works for you. Make an appointment now for a free and unconditional interview.