Too many failed projects?

That doesn’t need to be a problem. Uncertainty about likely future success is a normal aspect of innovation - failures are part of the game. But when the expenses start to increase and investments are required, risks should be minimised more and more. Therefore, a good innovation program is funnel-shaped. Hundreds of ideas lead to ten feasibility studies and probably one successful launch. This requires discipline, both from project teams and the steering group. For instance, you will not start to invest before the feasibility is firmly assessed.

All too often the available manpower and resources are diluted in too many projects. As a consequence none of the projects runs smoothly and sharp choices should be made.

A third reason why projects might fail is a lack of commitment and perseverance. The team may be out of balance, or the business case is too weak, or the team feels a lack of support, doesn’t feel safe, and starts to doubt.

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