Room for further improvement of the co-operation?

Nowadays, the complexity of new technologies, de speed of information spread and the consequential speed of change make it almost impossible for companies to innovate in isolation. Open innovation it the new paradigm. Although parties should always come to clear arrangements that are not open for multiple interpretations, open innovation is foremost a matter of trust. Differences in culture and interpretation can lead to misunderstandings and irritations, certainly in an international context. And there is no higher boss to solve the conflict.

It is wise for parties to seek for a service provider who can lead or coach the collaboration. One with knowledge of the matter and of both organisations who can bring and keep the parties together in an optimal way. One with a fine nose for the first signs of friction and deals with it in an adequate way.

FWDmove can fulfil that role perfectly, especially in a high tech environment. Make an appointment for a free and unconditional interview.