FWDmove’s services

FWDmove offers services at all stages of the business development cycle and in all phases of the innovation process. FWDmove will always make a fully customised proposal. Examples of services are:

Own views on the future

Future search
Facilitation of strategic dialogue
Improvement of the market intelligence systematics
Customer research

Widely accepted choices

Facilitation of strategic dialogue
Practical implementation of the strategy in the operation
In- and external communication
Development of B2B brand concepts
Development of a consistent brand portfolio
Identification of new market opportunities
Feasibility studies

Teams in a safe environment

Introduction of the innovation funnel
Project management
Team coaching

Open innovation

Mediation and advise
Project management

The Ubuntu Talk ©

In workshops FWDmove makes often use of the principles of the Ubuntu Talk, a particular form of dialogue where participants are searching for joint wisdom on a theme or question. This intervention is developed by a group of 7 consultants, including Frans Duurland. Read more.

De power of big, the flexibility of small.
For an optimal result FWDmove can rely on a network of special, varied and experienced talent. To name a few of the specialisms: training, personal coaching, customer research, employee satisfaction research, communication, branding, ICT.