Future search and strategic dialogue

Environmental analysis - strategic dialogue

FWDmove facilitates and leads the making of an organisation's own analyses of markets, the future and subsequently the strategy. With a special, practical and fast approach that has proven itself for many organisations. FWDmove does not make the analysis for you, but helps your organisation to make one on its own. This is vital for getting support for the strategic choices.

Future Search

An organisation that really wants to listen to it's evolutionary purpose in an action learning oriented environment starts a dialogue with the whole system - i.e. all stakeholders - in one room. That's called a Large Scale Intervention (LSI). Examples are Future Search, World Café and Open Space. FWDmove can design and organise custom made LSI's. 

Implementation of the strategy within the company's disciplins

Sometimes, a - large - organisation may experience that the roll-out of the strategy falters. Operating companies and disciplins find it difficult to implement the chosen strategy. As a manager of a department one sometimes wonders whether the corporate strategy fits with the own situation. FWDmove researches what makes it falter, advises and can help individual departments to make a meaningful interpretation of the corporate strategy.