Opportunities, feasibility and customer research 

Identification of new chances

When the strategy is chosen, the assessment framework is ready. That will not necessarily mean that all innovation opportunities are well mapped. Together with a team FWDmove will identify new chances and make a selection for further feasibility studies.

Feasibility studies

If necessary, FWDmove can lead such a study or do the whole study.

Customer research

Proper customer research is an imminent part of good market analysis. During the whole process of future search and strategic dialogue the FWDmove consultant learns much about the organisation and its markets. As a consequence, FWDmove regularly receives the request to interview customers or to test and deepen certain views together with customers, e.g. in the form of focus groups.

Objective and thorough customer research is a profession on its own. FWDmove uses specilialised partners to set up and report on such research.