Design Thinking, Lean Startup, The Innovation Funnel and Scrum

Researching and experimenting in the idea-phase.

Ideas on how to approach the idea-phase have changed considerably in the past 10-20 years. Nowadays, design thinking and rapid prototyping with minimal viable propositions are common ideas. Een design thinking approach works well if the problem is known, but obvious solutions are not at hand. Lean Startup is especially fit for entrepreneurial teams with a business idea. These two approaches can also be mixed.

The innovation funnel - balance between control and giving space

The innovation funnel remains a great tool to streamline the innovation process. It is dismissed by some, because of the alleged bureaucracy that would block creativity and entrapreneurship. But if it is well implemented it will empower project teams and give them much clarity on their scope and their task. In between two gates, a team is fully free to research and experiment in a modern way. At a gate, however, they will be judged by the steering group, on agreed criteria. In short, a good tool to create balance between keeping control and giving space. 

To FWDmove's view as few rules and criteria as possible are fixed. At the same time elaborate checklists are made available to the teams, in order to help them to interpret the rules and criteria. FWDmove can provide models for all the required documents and checklists.

funnel systems procedures

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What about Scrum then?

Scrumming motivates teams to make fast and efficient progress. The ideas of Scrum do not exclude Design Thinking or Lean Startup and can be built into the processes and procedures of the innovation funnel.