The Ubuntu Talk ©

The ubuntu talk is a particular form of dialogue where participants are searching for joint wisdom on a theme or question. With surprsising and remarkable outcomes. From our practical experience we learned that such joint wisdom exceeds the sum of the individual wisdoms. This intervention is developed by a group of 7 consultants, including Frans Duurland. 

In search of joint wisdom

Someone has a problem or a question. That is the starting point for a talk. The objective of a ubuntu talk is to come to new insights from the wisdom within the group and that participants obtain new personal insights. And in this way perhaps a solution for the problem or an answer for the question. In between, the talk takes place. While most talks start with the content, in this case we start with the participant him- or herself. Because people bring their own experiences, views, assumptions and thoughts as a starting point for a talk. Unfortunately, many talks block or the talk doesn't start at all, in fact, because people stay with their own truth, in their own paradigm. We don't let ourselves be convinced by others, we can only convince ourselves. But then, we should be open for new insights. And the other can only come to new insights if you are open towards the other and share your experiences and thoughts.

Connecting first, than sharing

This requires that participants are willing to share personal experiences and thoughts. A good talk needs real will and connection. As a matter of fact, these arise automatically in the first phase of the ubuntu talk. Getting to the core of the problem or question from the contributor is a very important target step. In fact, this is the first joint insight from the group and the question contributor.

Structured Dialogue

In its basic form, a ubuntu talk is very well structured. Adhering to the agreements that were made in advance is essential for the process in the group and the meaning of the end result. One example of such an agreement is that one is not allowed to judge, advise or share opinions about others. This is not always easy, because most westerners grew up in a culture where (fast) judgement is normal.


Having a ubuntu talk is a carefully led event that often leads to surprising and remarkable results!

The ubuntu talk is inspired by the African ubuntu philosophy.