Continuous innovation

Whatever the strategy is, every company should innovate continuously. Innovation of products, services and processes. To better serve customers or to reduce costs. To capitalise proactively on a changing environment. If not, someone else will, which could be an unpleasant surprise. Therefore, innovation can't be a one-off thing, it should be an integral part of the business.

The three main pillars form the to success. To create an innovative organisation they are developed in this order:

Analyse: context, scenarios, trends and competencies
Choose: the strategy - all aspects of the business model
Change: prune, change and develop
Manage: leading, supporting and adapting the innovative organisation

Since the context changes continuously, the analyses and choices should be regularly re-assessed - hence these steps form a circle. This is FWDmove's Business Development Cycle.

Download here the FWDmove concept in a nutshell, including the Business Development Cycle