Characteristics of the innovative organisation

Innovative organisations combine the following characteristics:

  • There is room for creativity
  • There is a clear focus, derived from the strategy
  • The leaders have the courage to make choices and to release the resources to realise them
  • Before making those choices, the management takes a quite vulnerable position and keeps a dialogue with employees, customers and other stakeholders
  • It shows perseverance, coming from a strong belief that the choices are right
  • Foremost, the organisation is market and customer driven
  • It shows a large degree of openness; wide, intensive and generous contact with the outside world and open for surprises
  • Knowledge is used in an optimal way and continuously enriched
  • Talent is recognised and receives a chance to develop
  • The workforce is diverse in cultural background, education, interests, sex and age
  • Teams and individuals can operate in a safe environment