Synthesis of the paradoxes

A paradox requires a synthesis: how can one take the benefits from both options? Keyword for the synthesis of the management paradoxes are:

A widely accepted strategic focus

Wide acceptance of the strategic focus takes place when the choices are clearly sustained (pillar 2) and are based on self-made views on the future (pillar 1).

A common assessment framework

The views on the future (pillar 1) and the strategic choices (pillar 2) form together a framework for the assessment of all innovation activities.

An open culture,

where teams have free room to operate in a safe environment, pillar 3. Innovation benefits from a market oriented culture with a focus on diversity, talent development, creativity, mutual respect and interaction with the outside world. While the mutual agreement on the cultural and operational framework takes place, teams and individuals will more and more feel that they have freedom to operate in their own way. A safe environment emerges when the boundaries are clear and the management does not divert from them unexpectedly.