Self-made views on the future

        Widely accepted choices

               Teams in a safe environment

These are the three main pillars according to FWDmove. For FWDmove social innovation is synonymous with organising innovation. Success rests on three main pillars:

1. Self-made views on the future

Innovation is about words and acts. Words in the form of views, fed by trends and developments in markets, in the company, in society and in technology. Dreaming in the foreseen future and in new paradigms. This process requires the involvement of all stakeholders. Employees should feel they are heard and words will have to get the same meaning for all. Reviewing the views with the outside world will intensify relationships with customers and open innovation partners.

2. Widely accepted choices

Such an analysis is the base for a widely accepted strategic frame with a clear set of choices, made by the leaders. Thus allowing words to transform into acts.

3. Teams in a safe environment

Innovation is not just a matter of having creative and entrepreneurial employees. It is a matter of collaboration in multidisciplinary teams. Diversity. The present talent is used in an optimal way when it receives space with empathy. Talent that is not recognised all too often. When space is given, the boundaries should be clear of course. Clear rules and agreement on goals, quality, progress and milestones. The innovation funnel is for many organisations a good starting point for the development of uniform frames for the innovation program.

FWDmove Business Development Cycle

These pillars are the key to success. To create an innovative organisation they are developed in consecutive order. Though it is not a one-off process, but a cycle. Read more...